The Mission

T’dayo means ‘to turn to joy’ in the native Yoruba tongue.


Our mission is to bring joy to our customers and to the local artisans that beautifully hand-make the clothing and accessories in our collection. We believe that fashion should not cost lives and we uphold an ethos that ensures that everyone involved in the making of our items benefits. 


We maintain this at every level by ensuring our partners are paid a fair wage and they also work in appropriate conditions. We at T’dayo believe that our partnerships with traders also extends to their local communities. We do this by sourcing our vibrant materials directly from them. At T’dayo we aim to be transparent in every stage; from the making of the item to your doorstep and you can be assured that every item in our collection can be traced to their makers.


In collaboration with our sister brand, Native Ark. Our goal is to start Skills & Crafts Classes for women and children in underprivileged communities by the end of 2020. We hope that learning lucrative trades like tailoring or bag making will allow them a source of income. This is part of our mission to tackle modern-day slavery.  


For more information, enquires or on how to partner with us, please contact us at